Finally a complete solution for everyone that is simple and combines the needs of the whole household to use your wide screen television audio hi-fi equipment. To polish this solution we have not only spent many hours in the Lab but also in homes testing and fine tuning, but have also provided commercial solutions around the world.



What is a GenieTv Center?

GenieTv is a specialist Mac Media Center also know as a “Home Theater Personal Computer”, HTPC for short, a computer connected to your TV which is dedicated to the purpose of playing media files, Internet media content and Games that has been programmed to work together.


Allowing you to Command the Genie in your Entertainment.


It all starts with a small quiet computer, software setup and in addition to the right accessories, this provides an answer to all these demands; however, moving all these features into your living room, getting the software just right and enjoying it from the comfort of your sofa is completely different from using your laptop.

Nowadays, there are many ways such as media extenders and media players to stream media files to your TV over the home network and the Internet. However, if you want to reach the full potential of the connected home entertainment experience, then getting a Media Center is the way to go, offering all that an AppleTv® offers but much much more. The benefits you will experience will make you ask “why did I not do this earlier?